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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Cup of the Carp

After seeing (watching) that performance on the mound last night, I thought it was another Carpenter up there, because only Hey-zeus or Bob Gibson could have pitched such a miraculous and dominant game. Number 29 turned water into wine with 9 innings of pure brilliance, and while I won't recap the whole thing for you, it was my duty to post my reaction. When I flipped through ESPN as the game was in progress to check the score, I saw it what was happening. Not wanting to break tradition, I made no mention of the hittless performance, only telling my wife that we should listen to the game because something big was happening. Imagine my dissapointment in not hearing Mike Shannon's voice calling the game. Man that was exciting, even via middling quality internet radio. Also, I owe someone an apology. Larry, I just want you to know that I never gave up on you, just had some concerns (and complained about them).
Heck, I think Larry had some concerns... this is a tough enough game to play well even when your body isn't barking at you (what feels like) all the freakin' time!

If Larry can get healthier, I think we'll see more of the talents that made him such a dangerous player. He may never be "LAH-REE WHALK-ERRRR" again, but heck, NOBODY's as good physically at 38 as they were at 28! #33'll be fine...
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