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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Cards vs. Yanks, 6/11/05

They're screwing us out here in the East, showing the Cubs vs. Red Sox game, still hung up on that silly curse vs. curse thing. So, the live blogging thing just isn't going to work that well. I'll give it a shot tomorrow, listening to Mike Shannon. Mulder So far, seems to be as expected, with an edge to Johnson. Three walks for Mulder, though, that a little troubling. His WHIP so far this year is 1.34, the highest since last year's 1.36, which was by far the highest since his rookie season, 2000, when it was 1.69. In the years between, it was below 1.20 each year. Jeez, single to Jeter then a double to Matsui. Get him out of there. Mulder's never had great numbers against the Yankees, so the question is, do you chalk this up to one bad game against a team that has been his nemesis or is this a downward trend given his last performance against Houston on June 5? Whew, out of the 3rd finally.
I got lucky yesterday, because my local FOX affiliate in Roanoke, decided to show the game. For once, they made the right call. I might send them a dozen roses...
what a difference a few miles makes. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't have to spend my Saturday watching Randy Johnson return to form.
Yeah, that was the one downside...
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