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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Battin' Two

Interesting to see Edmonds in the number two slot of the batting order, Sanders at clean-up and Walker at 5th... very interesting. I know La Russa really likes to put power guys in the number two position, and this really isn't that suprising. I don't remember JEd there at all though, but my memory isn't super reliable nor are people prone to remember things like that unless something really unusual happens as a result. Go Matty Mo!
Hey Ryan! Yeah, LaRussa and this lineup shit gets old, doesn't it? I think the 2 factors this season are Rolen's ineffectiveness (and absence), and Walker's poor on-base pct. Now that we have a good leadoff hitter, that 2 hole is really important. As for Sanders, what a bonus! But I think Scotty will be back in the cleanup spot by September.
I'm sure scott will get his swing back, and walker mind turn in some decent numbers this year after all. I still don't think rolen's going to be hitting way over .300 again this year, but we don't really need for him to if the others are consistent. if reggie stays hot...wow.
A couple years ago, I remember JEdmonds at 2, Pujols at 3, Rolen at 4 for awhile.
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