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Monday, June 27, 2005


Ace of Carpenter

On Sunday, I got up with the full intention of making a post here as to just how great Chris Carpenter is this season (wouldn't have been the first). You know, the kind with some meaty stats and even a comparison of his performance versus Jake Peavy. However, the good people over at Beyond the Box Score have done that for me; check it out here. (By the way, if you don't read BTBS, what the Hell are you waiting for?) Peavy has Carp beat in the power department. He's a real strikeout pitcher, and the numbers, while there's not a huge gulf, lean Peavy's way. His K/BB ratio is almost a full two points higher than Carpenters (3.86 to 5.50) and averages about one more strike out per 9 innings than the Redbird's ace. Carp's got him beat where it counts though (unless you need Peavy for Ks on your fantasy team). His ERA is 2.77 to Peavy's 2.88, he's good for more innings per game than Peavy (Peavy was sick recently), and Carp gives up fewer dingers than Jake the Snake (whose team plays at spacious Petco Park where he's given up 8 HRs vs 2 on the road). Carpenter's VORP is 34.6, good enough for 5th in the NL and 8th overall. That also might be a little different if the team he played for weren't just so bloody good. Besides having the uncontested title of staff ace, Carpenter is putting up Cy Young numbers. That's right, you may have heard it here first, Chris Carpenter for 2005 NL Cy Young.
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