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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


$12 Million, OBO

Quick, who's the highest paid player on the 2005 Cardinals? Larry Walker. $12 million and some change. Hmmm, what could we get for $12 million next season, besides using a part of that to sign Matty Mo? So, now Edmonds is out for a couple games or so, Walker is probably going to retire... now does anyone out there see he need for another capable outfielder. (Note, no question mark becuase it's more of a rhetorical question, ney, it's a statement.) Clearly, I'm not going to panic because they lost to an unhittable Roy Halladay (are you singing the Madonna song 'Holliday' every time you hear that name too). Nevertheless, my thoughts immediately started thinking about outfielders, how screwed we are if Edmonds, Sanders or both get hurt, and the need for another person to patrol the green grasses of Busch and other parks around the league.
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