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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Where did they find this @#$&&$% guy?!

Over at The Birdwatch, Rob has an interesting musing on last night's Cubs-style bullpen meltdown. Aside from the fact that Matty Mo had a bad night, journeyman Jarvis gave the SoCal-LoCal team the keys to the shed. And not even a three home run outburst (rare in the majors these days) was enough to secure the game. Anyway, reading the post I kept seething "Jarvis. Jarvis. Jarvis!" Waiting, for La Russa to go out there, pull him and give him the Fredo speech, "I know it was you Jarvis. You broke my heart." Calming down, I found myself asking, "Who is Kevin Jarvis?" Looked him up on ESPN, checked out his career stats. "Jarvis. Jarvis. Jarvis!" His presence pretty much proves the desperate need the Cards have for solid right handed relief, particularly a guy that can spot start and/or provide long relief for those rare days when the starters are forced to leave in the fourth. Jarvis' last full season was 2003 with the Padres, he started 16 games for them, went 4-8 with a 5+ ERA. Will the Cards go out and get some help now? Suddenly, the Reggie Sanders rumors are relevant again.
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