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Friday, May 13, 2005


What ever happened to Tom?

DAMN IT! It is a curse. I should never had said anything at all about Glavine. Check this out. Tonight the Cardinals are in New York to take on the Mets for a three game series. Ah, the Mets...the Big Apple's poor substitute for the lost Bums from Brooklyn. Pitching for Newman and Kramer's favorite team tonight is Tom Glavine. Now some of you may recall a man by the same name on the Atlanta Braves, a lefty once feared by batters on all sides of the plate, not simply for his velocity, but because he could locate a pitch like Tom Delay can locate a lobbyist's check book. High and inside for the lefties and down and away to righties. He was also really adept at deceiving a batter by varying the release point of his pitches. But that Tom Glavine is no more. Every since he's been a Met, he looks more like a fifth starter from the AL Central. Why? What happened? I don't really know. I never watched a lot of Glavine back in the day, except for frustrating games against the Redbirds. But I can speculate. Was it something with his release points? Can just not make the location anymore? Or is just not as good of a pitcher without Leo Mazzone in Hotlanta? I wold think he's too smart and too experienced for hte Leo Mazzone theory, but I'm beginning to wonder. Obviously, his fastball has slowed, and that may have effected his ability to locate pitches as well. Okay, the game's on now. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue with the Glavine downward slide speculation after tonight's game.
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