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Monday, May 23, 2005


What the Eck?

Alright, we're back! And what a welcome home from a short vacation, a loss to the Royals. Apparently, it wasn't Eck's behind in the count hitting that should be reason for conrcern. This seems like more of a bad outing to me rather than a trend. Sure, he's not an elite defensive shortstop, but the price is right and the needs are filled for a season or two. He did have a hit and scored a run. That's a tough break for Suppan, because it didn't seem like he pitched particularly poorly or anything (judging from wrap ups and box scores as I missed it in transit). That makes two L's in a row for the Supe, and the only loosing record of any Cards' starter. Jeez, right when we get to breathe again after some early tumult in the pen the starting pitching wobbles a bit. Of course, that's what it will do from time to time. Grud came up blank, and now Pujols has the team high BA. The universe aligns itself again. Not that we don't want Grud to have a high BA, but let's face it did you really expect him to lead the team with Puj-Musial (Puj-sial just sounds a little wrong) dressing everyday? Man, being out for a few days one can miss a lot in the baseball world. More to come later. Good to be back.
Welcome Back, Ryan. Missed your postings.
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