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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Suppan Fantasy

Found a good place to sneak away for a second, and I remembered that Suppan is pitching tonight in Philly. Without Drew, I suppose they can throw batteries at him; if they thrown them at Cedeno, I join them. Anyway, when I began this blog I wanted to do a little bit of writing on fantasy baseball. Yes, I'm quite addicted to it, but not enough to depend on it as a living or anything. Suppan is one of my favorite fantasy pitchers to pick up when he has a week with two starts, like this week. He's almost gauranteed to get one win on the week, and usually pitches well enough to get some points even when he doesn't get the win. Plus, it's always nice to be able to root for the Cardinals AND keep your eyes on the prize for that big payoff after the season's over. Big pay off being just enough clams to pick up a video game or something else to survive until the next April rolls around. Alright, more to come later this evening. Here's something to ponder too, Grud has the highest bating average of all the regulars on the team.
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