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Thursday, May 05, 2005


STL vs. SD, 5/5/05: More late inning fun!

Cards chase Lawrence, get two runs to make it a tie game. Ahhh. Rolen pops out with the bases loaded. He's hitting .261 on the season; how much longer will that continue? I realize that last year was a career year, and he may not hit .314 like that too many more times. However, .290s is reasonable for him. How much has this back thing had to o with it. Crap! Now it's 4-3. Suddenly those three runners left on base gain even more meaning. Back to Rolen. Just saw the "highlight" (for lack of a better term) on Baseball Tonight of his 7th inning pop out. It was high. Ray, you're supposed to be our steady, veteran left handed reliever. 5-3, Padres. 8-3! Credit the bullpen with a beauty. Headed into the bottom of the 9th. I'm not going to turn it off this time, and this might be for either of two reasons. One, the missing the 9th inning rally in CIN the other night was a huge dissapointment. Two, I'm a fan, dedicated to the Redbirds until the bitter end of each and every game. Really, it's probably a little bit of both, and the fact that it's only ten till eleven, EDT, and I'd feel lame punching out this early. Hey it's Cinco de Mayo after all. Wrap up Two very obvious things here. What's wrong with the bullpen? And the offense needs to produce a few more runs. More analysis tomorrow. It's bedtime. It's not even worth staying up for some Peter Gammons clearly Red Box biased analysis.
rolen is slightly overrated. i followed him for years in phildelphia. one of my favorite players.
I think last year's performance at the plate may have contributed to that, but the fact remains hitting in the .290s would be quite normal for him.
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