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Sunday, May 01, 2005


STL vs. ATL, 5/1/05

So, today's game is turning into the pitcher's duel that everyone was expecting on Friday night. The edge, in the 6th, goes to Suppan with 4K, 1H, and 60 pitches with 42 for strikes. Very impressive. Supe put it too high in the zone...2-0 Braves. The Birds' hitters need to come up big now with some extra base hits. They've left way too many guys on base today. Top of the 7th: Come on Edmonds. Nice! 8 inches from a homer...RBI double...Walker scores. Still 2 outs. Your turn Rolen...BB...Smoltz is gone. Bring on the Braves pen. Top of the 8th: Hit & Run is on...Sanders is out, Diaz over the 2nd. DAMN! There's cause for some optimism, though, especially if the Braves bring Kolb in for the 9th. He's been shaky so far this season, and Walker, Pujols & Edmonds are up next. Top of the 9th: Walker's out at first...Pujols at the plate, takes ball 3...walk. All right Jimmy Edmonds...foul ball, strike two...flies out to left center. Rolen's turn. Crap! The Cards loose a series, stand at least one man on base in each inning. They're playing good baseball, but those batting averages from some of the guys are unacceptable, Pujols is the only one in the 2 through 5 spots hitting over .300.
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