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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


STL at PHI, 5/18, Carp vs. Lieber

Carp vs. Lieber Come on Carp! Lieber, until his last game, has been performing way better than would be expected. However, he's starting to look like John Lieber again. The Reds ate him up for 6 ERs in 5 1/3 innings back on May 12. Right now he's sitting on 3.31 ERA, and over his career he's got a 4.17. He did win 20 games for the Cubs in 2001, and in 2003 he was out having Tommy John surgery. Which brings me to another interesting (and pet) point, his arm was destroyed in Chicago. [nice pick off, listen to the game right now]. I wonder if the Tribune company owns a chain of Tommy John clinics... Picthcing for the Cubs from 1999-2002 he threw over 200 innings in each season, except for 2002 when he went out with injured. In his first season he pitched 203 innings. His 20 season in 2001 shouldn't be too much of a surprise, he had a lot of practice the year before when he pitched 251 innings. He then pitched 232 to get his 20 wins. Then it was 141 innings before surgery on Aug. 8 in 2002. The Cubs love to eat pitchers up. Not just Dusty Baker, but there must be some kind of rule in the Cubs operating guidelines about squeezing as many innings out of a starter as possible. That and a history of consistently bad bullpens. Maybe it's a win-win though. The Cubs will see Wood et al return from being eaten up to become mediocre starters, keeping them competitive. The Cards win because their competition destroys itself. Mark my words, Zambrano sits out with injury sometime this season, and will miss next season with it too. [Nice. Homer. Molina.] {Edmonds, another brilliant catch.}
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