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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


STL at CIN, 5/3/05, live blogging

Just tuned into the game, in time for Pujols' stolen base and Reggie's RBI single. Sanders swipes 2nd base too. La Russa's coming around on the SB front. Personally, I think that La Russa doesn't push the base stealing unless he's pretty confident in the offense. I wonder if last night's 9th inning explosion was a determining factor. End of the 6th: Marquis' at 95 pitches, and it's 7-8-9 in the order to start the 7th. I bet he's done, but maybe he'll go one more inning. Top of the 7th: Hit and run, moves Grund to first. Marquis can hit the ball, though, and Grund moves to third. Holy crap. that was damn near a homer. End of the 8th: Marquis is looking for his first complete game in the Bigs. He's only got 112 pitches, 2 HA and 3 BB. I say let the kid throw a CG. Looks like that's going to happen; he just smacked a double for his second hit of the game. Wow. I'm a big believer in momentum, and it looks like (barring 9th inning wackiness from the Reds) last night was something of a booster for the Birds. Damn. Freel's ended Marquis bid for a complete game. Jeez, come on Ray, just pretend it's the seventh and you're making the bid for a hold instead of a save. Okay, Tavarez is in. How nervous do you think La Russa is right now without Izzy? Sigh of relief! Marquis was on his game. Question to keep me up tonight: Should I be worried about the bullpen?
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