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Saturday, May 14, 2005



I can't believe I made that post about Glavine and then he beats us last night. Worse, we lost to the Mets. The Mets! Maybe the curse discussed over on the Birdwatch applies here as well. Tonight it's Pedro versus Mulder. I have a particular disdain for Pedro Martinez. His plate appearances in the NL portions of last year's world series really burned me, watching him stand there with the bat limply in his hands pointed skyward only because it had to be. The angry fan in me would like to see him try to bean one of our players; I still would like to see what a hot shot he thinks he is in the NL where he'll have to make a couple of at bats. Well, it's just a rant, but I always thought Pedro was one of the classic American League pitchers that has no problem beaning someone simply because they got a home run off of him, even if he's still winning the game. I'm anxious to see if this trend continues for Pedro in the NL. Alright Edmonds, you know what you have to do, bring a little bit of that Southern California flash to the NY media market. Pitcher as mercenary There's a great deal of players in pro sports that can really be seen as nothing more than mercenaries. In the NHL, pretty much the entire NY Rangers are. Baseball has them too. The guys who are first and foremost considering their own stats, casting an eye toward the free agent market, checking their voice mail to see if Scott Boras has called yet. Personally, I kind of think Clemens is a good example of this. The Toronto years, just waiting until he could play in NY. Retiring, then deciding to play for the Astros as long as they gave him ample diva clauses in his contract, asking for $20 million in arbitration. Saying he's playing in Houston only because he can be close to home and family, and now intimating that he would again go back to the Yankees. Come on Roger. Even Texans (despite their fine track record of elected leaders) can see though that crap. Lofton's a good example of a mercenary too. Pedro, I would argue, fits the bill as well. Does anyone else feel this way? Other mercenaries that immediately come to mind for you? At the risk of sounding naive, that's one thing the Cards haven't had just a great deal of in the past few years. Part of that, I think, is La Russa's lack of tolerance for those types of players.
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