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Monday, May 16, 2005


RFK Report

So, I think I'm going to have some time for the Diaspora after all, although after Wednesday it will be sparse, if at all. Let me update everyone on our RFK/Nationals viewing experience. There's one word that most aptly describes the evening. Wet. An intense round of thunderstorm came through the area that afternoon and into the evening. In the short walk from the Metro stop to the stadium we were completely soaked, not just a little wet on one side or below the knees from the puddles, but drenched to the point my jeans felt like they weighed 50 lbs. Getting to the shelter of the stadium, we immediately set about our business, locating hot dogs and beer on our way to our seats. I had heard some bad things about seeing games in RFK, but I was pretty happy with our seats in the second to the top tier in between right and center field, looks like Patterson and Burnitz were going to suffer through some heckling that night. The hot dogs were mediocre. I don't really attribute that to RFK so much as I would attribute that to the corporatization of concessions at ballparks across the US. Aramark is a giant company that owns a lot of them, so you know these dogs were bought for their bulk price rather than their quality. Nevertheless, how can you not like $4 worth of ground pig parts on a bun at a baseball game? I think the secret is to grab a Polish sausage. A 16oz plastic bottle of beer cost $6, but I found some other stands that had drafts in 16oz cups for only $5. Pretty typicall price. The biggest dissapointment was the fact that they did not sell score cards at the game, something they need to rectify. The programs had score cards in them, but they were $10, or two beers. There may have been as many Cubs fans as Nationals fans, and for the evening I did my root, root, rooting for the home team. Cubs fans in our immediate vicinty were appropriately harrassed, unless they were bigger than me. During the rain delay, Brad Wilkerson and some other Nats player signed autographs. Note to self: be more prepared next time. At the game we also found that it was particularly easy to move down into better seats and see the game up close. Although, I again want to mention that our upper deck seats weren't too bad at all. Anywho, hope some of you Cards fans out there find this info useful. The Birds are in town Aug. 26-28 this summer. I've got my tickets.
Long time reader, first time commenter. Cards fan here in DC (NoVA), too. Ryan, man, you've earned my undying respect for braving the game the way it stormed here last saturday night. Only true fans of the game brave that kind of nasty weather till the end (even for the good seats). Keep up the good work.
thanks man. we'll see you out there in August, surely it'll be drier.
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