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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


A real hitch pitter!

Marquis as pinch hitter. Hmm. Not the first time I've seen La Russa use him in that role. I think the bullpen is a factor in the decision this time. He's got a 4 run lead, needs a lefty in to face the submariner righty. Marquis can hit, but if he doesn't it's not a big deal. This leaves Nunez available if the bullpen blows it and the La Russa needs a true pinch hitter to come in a tie game or down a run or two. He's probably also thinking the Dodgers pitcher might lapse mentally and pitch him soft, since he is a pitcher after all, and Marquis gets on base. Had that happened would he have brought in a pinch runner? I have only one problem with it, and obviously, I'm not a major league manager (just a desk jockey) so what do I know. (This also isn't intended to be a rant against TLR, KMOX a.m. style). However, look at what happened to Molina the other day; he tweaks his ankle on the first base bag. If Marquis gets hurt in that situation, the Cards are in a bad situation. That bullpen really gets exposed as a liability without the Birds' best starter (so far) of '05. I turned out to be a non-issue, but, as we say in the Ozarks, I'm a'gin it. I will have to say, watching the game on ESPN from the Nation's capital, that this is looking A LOT like the 2004 Cards.
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