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Saturday, May 07, 2005


No worries, for now.

Listening to the Cards game right now. Cards up 2-1 off some power in the first inning. The score certainly indicates that the bullpen (it's the 4th as I type) may have to hold a close one. After experiencing a few Mallox moments about the pen, my stomach is starting to settle. What magic pixie dust have I been sniffing, you ask. None. Just step back and think about the long season, breath deeply, and I think what we've seen in the past couple of games represents really nothing more than blips on the radar. Last night, the bullpen did a fine job, save for the 3 runs surrendered by Flores. Looking at the stats, it's Flores' ERA that stands out at 6.96 (bearing in mind Journell and Cali are in Memphis now). Pulp's is just over 10, but he's only thrown 2 2/3 innings. It seems like when the bullpen has blown it, it's been mostly because of one person's poor outing rather than a collective effort to surrender runs. Over on The Birdwatch, Sean has some interesting stats that'll put a mind at ease too. Like a starter who gets beat up every so often, even in the midst of a Cy Young season, a bullpen guy is going to suffer some poor outings. Ray King has given up just three runs all season in two games this past week, Tuesday in CIN and Thursday against the Padres. So, my nerves have settled for now. I'll wait until Memorial Day, and then revisit the need to panic then. Follow-up, mid 5th, SD-5, Cards 3: Case in point. Carpenter just lost control and blew the Cards' lead. Am I going to panic? No. Does this mean we need to now go out and find another starter? Of course not.
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