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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Mike Shannon on per diems

9-3, Cards. Looks like you Redbirds' fans back home are going to be getting some free and/or cheap coffee as part of a local promotion with a gas station. That one's not quite as good as the $.39 tacos Taco Bell used to sell on days after the Blues (who?) got four or more goals, but I guess with this Cards team you could really go into the red ink with too much of a discount tied to offensive production. Mike Shannon and Wayne were just joking about the price of coffee in NYC, noting that two might darn well cost you every penny of the per diem. So now we know that the Cards must use something close to the peanuts given on the fedreal per diem rates. Believe me, working for the feds in a roundabout sort of way (why the hell else would someone move to DC), I know what those rates are, and they aren't much. If you can find dinner in NYC for under $30 and eat more than a hot dog, you must be named Zagat. Anyway, I'll spare you my rant about the cost of living on hte East Coast. I was just temporarily fascinated by Mike and Wayne's discussion of their per diem rates.
God I loved those 39 cent tacos. I was home for the holidays a couple years ago and I think the blues put up 5 goals in 3 out of four games while I was there. I spent a lot of time at T-Bell and a lot of time in the bathroom.
that can happen with 39 cent tacos. thank god it wasn't bean burritos.
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