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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Look Out! It's the Injury Bug.

The injury bug seems to be buzzing around the dugout lately. Walker, now Rolen, and a host of relievers. It sounds like Walker's groin isn't much to be worried about. Weinberg says it's a "maintenance issue," and it sounds like La Russa will have him playing against the Padres' righties in the four game, long weekend series. It doesn't sound like anyone's too worried about Rolen's back, and around the fantasy baseball gossip pages I haven't seen any rumors suggesting anything else. The fantasy gossip does have some good news on Izzy, noting that the team officials think his abdominal muscle strain is doing better than anticipated. Sounds like he'll be ready to go as soon as he is eligible to be activated from the DL. None too soon, if I might editorialize a bit. I don't think my stomach can handle too much more ninth inning excitement. La Russa must really be relieved, given what an ideologue he is about the closer position. It would also be nice to see Lincoln and Eldred warming up in the bullpen soon. No word on expected returns for either one of them (that I can find), but Eldred's condition sounds pretty serious. Could Steve Karsay be headed to St. Louis if he makes it through waivers?
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