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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Izzy, we're glad to have you back. Cards overcome a so-so outing by Mulder, beat Pedro (yes!) and see prime form Izzy. What a day! Tonight, I'll be at the Nationals game, cheering for the home team de facto because they're playing the Cubs. I, half-jokingly, threaten my wife that I'll have a few $7 beers and make an arse of myself heckling the Cubs, maybe there's something to throw at Burnitz? Better watch Sports Center tonight, you just never know. Say, what does bail run in the District anyway... Looking forward to seeing the Expos, er, um the Nationals, play a game. Baseball is pretty popular here in the District, but there's just nowhere in the country you can escape the legions of Blue-clad, Bartman worshipping Cubs fans. Talk about a diaspora, sheesh! While out and about today, I saw no less than 8 people in Cubs gear. At the flea market, I had enough, breaking down and smarting off to a friendly young couple in Cubs t-shirts, "are the Cubs going to compete for the division anytime soon?" There's no shortage of Chicagoans here, and it is graduation weekend for a couple of local schools. But everywhere I've been there's always so many of them. I guess if we had a national TV station, we'd be even more popular, the Yankees east of the Ohio. More to report tonight, unless they don't have wireless internet in the DC drunk tank. Just kidding (I think my parents read this).
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