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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Go Crazy Folks!

As the bottom of the eighth rolled along and the Reds lineup continued to have their way with the Cards’ bullpen staff, I turned the game off. Frustrated at the prospect of a three game skid, and needing to harness some of my waning attention and energy for other things, I honestly didn’t think the addition four runs they were able to muster had effectively put the nails in our coffin for the evening. How wrong I was. The bullpen massacre that the Cards had just suffered was repeated, only this time the blood was drawn from the other Red-clad bullpen. Seven runs later and a quick half a frame from Tavarez, and the Redbirds had their 16th win, good enough for tops in the NL. I hope that nobody is coming to take away my fan credentials for turning the game off in the bottom of the eighth. That’s an expected move from a Dodger fan, but a Cards fan… Some pluses from last night’s game: Molina. Yaddie was 2-4 with a smart walk in the ninth, which eventually saw him get around the bases for a run. Edmonds. He whiffed thrice, but the three run homer in the clutch was sweet. Take that Sabermetronomicology people. His season average rose, ever so slightly, but it did rise. Mabry. Mabes continues to be the more than capable utility/bench guy. I can remember a few instances where this guy’s made the difference in the game for the Cards. Why are we paying Cedeno over $5 million and Mabes makes less than $1 million?!?
Actually I'm pretty sure we're only paying Cedeno around a mil this year, with the Mets picking up the rest, maybe more (as much as $4.5mil).
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