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Friday, May 06, 2005


Ch-, ch-, ch-, Changes?

There's been some speculation about potential early player movement by the Cards. Most recently, there's been some talk about moving Sanders to Oakland for Byrnes, creating speculation that this is more about freeing up some deniro for getting a bullpen guy. I've also heard (can't remember the site now, it was a fantasy baseball site though, CBS Sportsline maybe?) that the Cards may be interested in Yankees cast-off Steve Karsay. He's a righty whose got some okay stats and seems to have been plauged by the injuries the past couple of season. His salary, $4 million and change is mighty high, but there's talk that the Yanks would eat it. Florida is appearantly interested in Karsay too. I don't know what Karsay would make wearing the Birds on Bat, but here's a little of my own fuzzy math speculation in word problem format. A Cards palyer boards a train in STL heading for Oakland; that player, Reggie SAnders, makes $4 million. At the same time, an A's player boards a train in Oakland; that player, Byrnes, makes $2.2 million. The difference, in money saved for the Cards is $1.8 million. Now students, would a former Yankees player be willing to sign for that paltry sum (God, I wish I made that kind of scratch for just one year! I'd never work again.) to play for the contending Cardinals? Maybe it's all speculation, but the savings doesn't make it seem like that great of a deal. Byrnes is young, and seems like he might be able to put up stats similar to Sanders. Last year was his first season; check out his stat lines through the link above. I don't know. Could he fill in? Would he blossum some in STL, hit 25 HRs and drive in 80/85 RBI? I'll admit, I'm as panicked about the pen as anyone, but what about waiting until Izzy gets back and maybe waiting out Eldred's illness? I'm not as opposed to the change as I was initially after seeing Byrnes' stats and his age, but I still just don't have an easy feeling about it in my gut. However, I have been wrong before.
This blog Ch-, ch-, ch-, Changes? is a great place for D-Day. Thanks Blogger.
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