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Friday, May 27, 2005


Carp, part II

Pardon the lack of posts yesterday. The Cards were off, and it would have been a good day for some review, but I was swamped and then a tragic injury to a key typing finger in last night's softball outing left me unable to type (and sundry other menial tasks) last night. I will say this, second base is THE spot, and if the Birds need a reserve infielder...well, I think my softball record speaks for itself. Plus, I'd totally do it for the league minimum. Kidding, of course. One quick note about Carpenter. I saw somewhere on the web yesterday (not sure of the link post it in the comments if you know what I'm talking about and I'll link to it) noting Carp's walk total so far this season. It stands at 22 over 10 games and 66 2/3 innings. It was mentioned as something to potentially worry about since he only walked 38 last season. Being a terrible fretter (mmm, apple fretter), I became concerned, and started looking around at some numbers. Look at what Carp is on pace for: 77 walks, 35 games started, 234 innings pitched, 24 wins (!), a 3.75 ERA, and a whopping 214 Ks. My guess is that he starts 34 or 33 games, Dunc resting him and/or giving a young guy or two the chance to start in the bigs, and of course these are projections based on his current performance. Maybe he gets his BB total down maybe he doesn't, either way 77 BBs are nothing to worry about. Heck, Johan Santana had 54 BB last season, and Jason Schmidt, Roger Clemens had more than 70. If anything, I'd be more interested to see him bring down his ERA. Also, don't forget, for those 38 walks Carp only had 28 starts, not that it would have dramatically raised his total. Check out CardNilly's report card of the team thus far this season, it's got a solid analysis of the Redbirds' performances, where they're at, where they're headed, and where they should be headed. Cards/Nats series in St. Louis this weekend. Thankfully, the Nats seem to have a TV deal, we'll see what happens with PR Pete's (O's owner Peter Angelos) lawsuit. I've been fairly impressed with Nats fandom so far, except for the annoying power nerds at the game discussion their important new gig on Capitol Hill, or even a few idiots that I saw reading the newspaper there...I guess you're going to get some power nerds there though when the lobbying firms by bulk tickets. Ughh.
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