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Saturday, April 23, 2005


What a game!

Mulder pitches 10 innings in a complete game shutout of the Astros, with five Ks and NO walks, and he threw a measly 101 pitches (75 for strikes), now that's pitching with economy. This starting rotation is looking a-okay. But wait, perhaps the best part is that Walker tapped in a game winning RBI single off Brad Lidge, the very same pitcher that Cardinal hitters may or not have nightmares about (see earlier post). I'm not too worried about the quiet bats through this game and the two against the Cubs. Can't really articulate why, but I'm just not to worried about. They'll hit when they hit, as long as the entire team finds ways to win games we're okay. Later, I want to take a shot at Mulder nay sayers.
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