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Friday, April 29, 2005


Was Marquis a bit headstrong yesterday?

So, I've been reading 3 Nights in August, which I highly recommend. It's a fascinating insight into the managerial mindset, as well as the game of baseball from something other than mind numbing statistical analysis. More than that, it's a deep look into the mind of Tony La Russa, even venturing into the realm of psychoanalysis just a little bit. Anyway, in yesterday's loss to the Brewers, Marquis kept trying to use his cutter, and he ended up walking guys who would eventually score two key runs in a 4-3 game. In the wrap up on STLToday, Marquis commented on his performance saying, "I should have made better pitches in that situation..." It's reminiscent of a section in the book in which Duncan and La Russa sit down out lay out their pitching strategy with Garrett Stephenson for game one of a series with the Cubs. I wonder if the situation yesterday was a young, headstrong pitcher thinking he knows best what to do, which I think you can kind of see in Marquis sometimes, but he seems always to rediscover his humility and take in what Duncan and TLR say knowing that they can make him a better pitcher. Not seeing the game, you don't have the chance to read people's faces and ticks and the other things that can enlighten you as to temperaments, etc. For now, I'll assume, based largely on precedent, that that is what happened. It still was hardly a total meltdown though, and we'll own the Brewers through and through over the course of this season. Time to move on to tonight's game. A big game in an important series.
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