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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Tuesday, April 12.

So, I'm in Dallas, fully prepared to catch last night's game via the MLB Gameday Audio thing, longing to hear Mike Shannon's jolly play by play. However, earlier in the day someone else at the conference offers tickets to the Rangers - Angels game. How do pass that up? Seats behind first base (well, not officially, but...). Got the wrap up on it. Marquis was great, especially helping out the effort with his triple, a triple, the pitcher got a triple, the rarest extra base hit in baseball. Cali was on fire to, way better than the bullpen pitching I saw in Arlington last night. A good win for the Redbirds. More on the TEX game. The guy that got the tickets was a Giants fan, from the SF area, and a baseball fanatic with lots of great stories about the Giant's rivalry with the other NY transfer team to the south, the hated Dodgers, LA Dodgers that is. Who could really hate the Bums from Brooklyn? It was quite amusing. Apparently, according to my source, the Dodger fans receive endless amounts of shit for being a latte sipping, 7th inning leaving bunch of fans. Say what you will about the mindless devotion of a Cubs fan, they always return for a full 9 innings of punishment. Or maybe that's got more to do with the Chicagoan affection for meat-based food products and the readily available fix of "saaaasage" at Wrigley. Come on, how can I not take a shot at Bartman's brothers to the north. Oh, so I was talking about the Texas game. I really like baseball, so I'll even watch the watered down AL version of the game when I have the chance. Anyway, the highlight, or lowlight from the perspective of my fantasy team, was seeing Vlad drive in a run and then get hurt. Of course, it sounds like he's fine, according to the news today. Didn't get to see either one of the highly touted young closers for either team since the final score was 13-8 Angels. It was nevertheless a smashing good time, and $5.75 seemed a mere pittance for enjoying some Shiner Bock on tap in it's native land. Anyway, I told the folks who I went to the game with to give me heads up when they came to DC this summer, and I'd make sure we took in a Nationals game, speaking of overpriced... If a beer is $5.75 in Texas, it's probably $8.75 in DC, where even the ridiculously overpriced seems to be ridiculously overpriced. Oh well, at least there's no DH.
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