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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Ten Hours of TBS, yes.

Make up game with the Brewers today at Busch. Judging by what I saw on the Weather Channel this morning, and confirmed by some instant web research, it's rainy and cold back in MO. Let's hope they can manage to play the game and pull off the sweep. This weekend, the Birds' three game series is going to be televised nationaly on TBS; which means I'll have the rare chance to watch our favorite team for a complete three game series for the first time this season. Oh. Yeah. Now, I'll admit, when you're looking forward to spending nine to ten hours of your weekend watching TBS it can mean a couple of things. One, that you're a Braves fan, and in spite of Turner Field's approximate 50% attendence for games, there seem to be a few. It might also indiacte that your incredibly dull and a TV addict (or that you're just a shitheel). I confess to being none of the above, and although I'm becoming a bit more geriatric in my approach to weekend going out type of activities, I assure you loyal readers (do we have 3 yet?) I am only doing this becuase I am a Cardinals fan, through and through. Anyway, the series with the Braves should be a good one. Friday's game with Mulder vs. Hudson is clearly the headline act, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Saturday matchup between Morris and John Thompson will be pretty interesting as well. Hope to have the computer back up and running by then too. What a weekend that lies ahead for me!
Let's make it four loyal readers...you are right about one thing, it is rainy and cold in MO.
What about the great comback in the ninth being down 9-3?
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