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Friday, April 15, 2005



Suppan goes 8 1/3 in a solid outing. Izzie gets the save. Folks, that was some decent pitching from the Redbirds tonight. That was the Suppan that won 10 straight on the road last year. Now, the bats. Pujols had the big hit, and I would largely attribute the 3 runs to some good pitching by Sheets. 7 Ks isn't too bad. The only concern I would take away from the whole thing is Rolen's 0-4, with one K tonight. Injury or mental thing behind this slump? Nevertheless, if this teams pitches and plays as capable as the others are, it can endure a slump by one it's superstars. I still think he'll get it together though, but historically his year-in-year-out batting average is not .314 in a season. As long as he get the 100+ RBI and 25+ home runs the lineup can take care of itself. I sure would like to see Molina pick it up a bit, and maybe Walker too. All's well. Put it in the books!
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