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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Supe vs. Zambrano

The Cards face off against the Cubs’ Zambrano tonight. Last season he was 16-8, with a 2.75 ERA. Zambrano has not pitched well on the road this season. In two starts, against Pittsburgh and Arizona he gave up 8 ER, 6BB and 13 HA. His last game was against the Pirates and of the 6 hits he gave up in 6 innings, 3 were for home runs. Last year on the road he was 6-6, and over the course of his young career, he’s 1-4 in 8 starts versus the Redbirds. Of course we know Suppan hasn’t been our best starter in Busch Stadium, so maybe things even out. Maybe there’s a home run derby in store for fans tonight. Interesting tidbit of the day: Zambrano has thrown over 3,400 pitches in each of the last two seasons. Dusty Baker rides a pitcher until he collapses, and that’s why Cubs’ pitchers are always dealing with injuries. If this guy were a mountain man, I think he’d be the one that rode his horse at full gallop all day, until it fell over dead, and then eat the thing.
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