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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


STL vs. PIT: Morris Returns, Fans Wait

Obviously, the return of Matt Morris (sorry, can't come up with a four letter nickname for him) is the big story for Cards fans, and an important one for MLB in general. Morris has been a Cardinal for a long time now; he's a homegrown hero with the team. To have him bounce back from his surgery and recapture something of the Matt Morris we saw in 2001 and 2002 would be a huge boost for the team for a couple of reasons. First, and most obvious, what team wouldn't want their ace to regain his form and win 15 or more games. Second, the team really showed a commitment to Morris, keeping him in the organization, albeit at a reduced cost, when they could have easily let him go and spent the money elsewhere. The deal with Morris shows that the front office in St. Louis thinks of this as something slightly more than just a business. Not to get too Pollyanna-ish here, but Morris is deeply ingrained into the team's recent history. He’s been through a great deal with the team: the playoff runs of the last few years, the 2003 skid, and he was a part of a Cardinals family that lost a brother in Darryl Kile back in 2002. Stories like Matty Mo's comeback are exactly what I want to hear more of in baseball, particularly in a year that started off with the black mark of the steroid scandal and questions about asterisks next to cherished records.
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