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Sunday, April 10, 2005


Phils 10 - Cards 4

I missed yesterday's game (oh well, at least the blogging medium doesn't require instant reaction, wait a minute...). Spent the beautiful spring afternoon drinking outside instead. Seems like it was an interesting game, La Russa continuing his Quixotic fight with the scorers, batters getting thrown at, but with nothing locating too high. It doesn't make any difference now, but I tend to agree that Flores got screwed on the wild pitch call. It might not have changed the game; however, his ERA is screwed. Gould made a good point in his Post-Dispatch story, that Duncan should be pleased with Flores' ability to pitch three good innings. Again, he got the worst of it on the wild pitch call and Burrell's homer, but he managed to K the Phillies lefty hitters, notably Abreu and Thome. While bullpens across the league are having a tough time scraping the rust off (the Cards' included) Flores took a step in the right direction. It's promising to have a lefty in the pen who can give us a solid couple of innings. 2:15 game time today, for Diaspora folks on the East Coast anyway. It's nice to be able to listen to the games on the internet, but I need to get moving on getting the XM (send ad money to...) radio hook up. Too bad the damn walkman thing they have is as much as an iPod, I could finally go see DC's infamous cherry blossoms AND listen to the game. I've seen pictures and local TV just did a special, so I can at least recount to others who keep asking me about them, " yeah, they're really pretty, we saw them the other day."
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