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Thursday, April 21, 2005

My mighty heart is broken, as the five game streak comes to its end. To be fair I'll have to say, that nutcase Zambrano pulled it together and pitched a good game. And Supe pitched well for us too; maybe he's close to breaking that Busch bad mojo he's had in the past. I saw on the STL Today site an article in which Zambrano was quoted saying, "I was waiting for them on any close pitch, but they didn't (lean into one). Very professional." I saw the infamous game last year, and I don't recall Edmonds or anyone leaning into a pitch. Personally, I don't recall any showboating; Zambrano just lost his head, Mr. Composure, just like Kerry "never more than 14 wins a season" Wood. Truly classless, this guy should be on a team with Pedro. Oh well, I still think the Cards can absorb the occasional loss.
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