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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Morris vs. Fogg - 4/19/05

In my last post I meant to discuss both pitchers and offer my highly insightful comparison, but I got so caught up in the feel-good rhetoric about Morris I totally forgot to mention the Pirates starter, Josh Fogg. Fogg is off to a good start. He's 1-0 (don't pay much attention to his record given that he plays for the Pirates) with a 2.03 ERA in two starts with 13.1 innings under his belt. He's also got 11 strike outs and 3 walks with a 0.900 WHIP. Those are better stats than any of the Cards' starters, but looking back over his last three full seasons his lowest ERA number is 4.35. He's also never posted more than 70 Ks in a season, striking out 69 (dude!) in 194.1 innings pitched in 2002. In his last outing, on the road against the Brewers, he gave up 2 dingers in 7 innings, while striking out 6 and getting a no decision. His win came in his first outing at home against the Padres. Another note on his stats for '05 thus far. He's given up 9 hits, 6 for extra bases, including 3 home runs. So, I won't be too surprised if the live bats in our lineup have the chance to pad their slugging percentage a wee bit. But then again, a hot pitcher is a hot pitcher, and when they're riding a streak they can be dangerous for anyone.
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