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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Loss to the Reds, Mulder and hitting concerns.

Okay, Mulder didn't seem to be sharp today. There are so many factors related to pitching, and every pitcher has a bad game or two each season. I'm not panicking or even assuming that Mulder's ghosts of late 2004 haven't left. He'll pitch again next week, and we'll see what happens. I'm also not going to worry about Pujols hitting .240 so far this season. He batted .287 in April last season, so make your own conclusions. It's early, and the Redbirds weren't exactly sharp to start off last season. The bullpen looked better today, and the rust seems to be coming off those guys. They don't do much throwing in the spring, so I tend to think that they need a few games to get their pitches right. It's going on all over the league. But King managed 3K in 1 2/3 innings, and the pen gave up 0 runs. Face it, the Brewers aren't going to be in 2nd place in the NL Central come June, Houston won't be in 1st, and the Cards and Cubs won't be battling it out for 4th and 5th place. It's why we have a 162 game season, to account for luck and other such anomalies.
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