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Monday, April 18, 2005


It's a Sweep!

The Cards got back to being the Cards with a sweep of the Brewers, and looked good doing it. In yesterday’s game, the final game of the series, the Cards staged a late rally with timely clutch hitting for the win. This was something I remember happening with some frequency last year; although, I hate to speculate just how much without the stats in front of me. The fact that games like that are particularly memorable also stands out as a reason why late inning victories seem to have occurred more often last year. Anyway... It’s good to see clutch hitting. To restate the obvious, it’s what makes a team great, finding a way to win. The clutch hitter of note yesterday was none other than Samurai Scott Rolen, and that’s a real good sign that he’s found his hitter’s stream of conscious and jumped into the flow. Without a doubt, Rolen was going to start putting up numbers at some point, no matter what his April was shaping up to be. Smacking a game winning HR in the ninth inning proves that he’s not only going to get those numbers, but that he’s also going to be a hitter the team can count on to win games.
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