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Friday, April 22, 2005


Five ways to October

Wow, you’ve got to like the way the Redbirds’ starting pitching is shaping up this year. If the current trends continue, we could have three bona-fide aces, and another two more than capable hurlers that could make any starting rotation in the major leagues. I know this may be a bit premature, and I know these guys probably are going to take a lump or two during the season. However, if Morris has returned to form, Mulder found his mojo again and Carpenter pitches at the same level as last season, Cards fans will be in for an exciting year. I’m not booking my airline tickets for the homeland just yet, but it sure would be great to have a Thanksgiving celebration a month early. A good deal of credit goes to La Russa, Duncan and the resiliency of all five pitchers; however, none of this would be possible without the astute GM-ing of Jocketty and his refined emphasis on scouting. Carpenter, Suppan, and Marquis are the perfect examples of the Cards’ scouting staff’s ability to find those jewels in the rough. Carpenter and Suppan had virtually been relegated to the scrap heap. And nabbing Marquis (and Ray King) for J.D. Drew, well, it doesn’t even require an afterthought. Morris is a homegrown product, making his return even more triumphant. I still think the Mulder trade was a good one, too, but there are those who disagree, quite logically. I’ll take a starting five like this any day, it’s far, far better than bringing in a band of mercenaries who take pot shots at the local beat reporters and lead their $200 million team to a 7-9 start. Like I say, though, the season is pretty young and a lot of stuff still has to shake out, but so far, the Cards look good and have a fighting chance to win the division and move beyond. AND, if our bats really get going, it could be one hell of a summer. Bring on the Astros!
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