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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Five in a row

And just like that, the Cardinals climb back atop the NL Central. In five straight wins, they improve to 8-4. Sleeping giants have awaken and their bats have roared with hits, homers, runs and ribbies, acknowledging their readiness and resolve to the rest of the league, from Los Angeles to New York. The noise hasn’t been limited to their bats either. As the starting rotation settles into the flow of a long season, the most recent addition to the family, Mark Mulder, looks like he has reconnected with his mechanics and delivery, locating each pitch with the precision he became known for back in Oakland. Matt Morris endured a tough season last year, but after off-season shoulder surgery and what looked like the end of his days as a Redbird, he now seems poised to establish himself once again as the Cardinals premier pitching product. However, those last five games were against the Brewers and the Pirates, teams that are hardly among the league’s elite. But five straight wins is five straight wins, and even against perennial practice squads, it’s a decent little accomplishment. Tonight begins the real test, as the hated Cubbies blow into Busch on their way back to the Second City. Coming off a win last night, and a split two game series in Cincinnati, they’ll be looking to climb one game above .500. After playing two against the Cubs, Houston pays a visit, and if the Cards can carry their momentum through these two series, this could be a real good season.
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