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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Did I forget something?

Okay, I realize the blogging medium is really only useful if it's providing frequently updated and relevant reaction and commentary on whatever subject the blog is dedicated to. In this case, baseball, more specifically Cardinals Baseball (yes, it does deserve to be capitalized). So, you would probably need to offer something from game to game, as a minimum from series to series and each news item. Clearly, I've been remiss in my duties. But, let me at least offer an excuse. This is a new deal for me and will take some getting used to. While I am rarely at a loss for something to say, it's completely another effort to actually write it down. AND, I've been out of town for work, at a conference (whoopee!). Let's also not forget the whole ADD thing. But this is not about me; it's about the Redbirds, dammit! If Fred Bird doesn't feel like putting on the costume and dancing around in the lovely August Missouri heat, he doesn't make excuses. He gets dressed, and gets his ass out on the field to make sure fans are stoked for the game. (Or he passes out from heat exhaustion because it's 95 degrees with 90% humidity). So no more excuses. Let me get caught up and offer my take on last night's drubbing of the Reds and today's sloppy, 6 to 5 loss to the typically glass jawed Reds from WKRP-land.
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