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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Buffering the Signal from St. Louis

I live in Washington, DC, for just a little more than three months now. It’s nice, and for a kid used to the rolling hills and forests if the Ozarks, city life has been an adjustment, albeit a positive one so far. The biggest adjustment that’s come for me as a Cardinals fan, however, has been not being able to see the games. Fortunately, the internet has greatly softened the blow of separation anxiety. Thanks to a relatively inexpensive ($15 for a full season) deal from MLB, I can catch the KMOX broadcasts via the web. Right now, I’m listening to Carpenter throw a killer game against the Cubs. The game is on ESPN, but I’m not where I can get to a TV. Ironically, whenever you could only catch the Cards game on a national broadcast (the World Series comes to mind), I would always mute the TV and listen to Mike Shannon and Wayne Hagin call the game. It was also nice on beautiful Ozark’s Saturday afternoons when you wanted to catch the game, but also take in some fishing at Bennett Springs or a roadie into Northern Arkansas. That’s one of the many beautiful things about baseball; that it is so radio friendly. Sure, you can’t see the pitches and you’re dependent on stats to diagnose the specifics of the game, but you still get an equal level of enjoyment from root, root, rooting for the Cardinals. After all this game’s been around for a long, long time, and radio broadcasting was a major contributor for its widespread popularity. Well, the reassuring excitement of Mike Shannon’s voice and the Cardinals – Cubs game requires my full attention.
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