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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Broken Down & Rained Out

First of all, I should apologize to readers (all two of you) for the slow down in updates. Alas, my computer has fallen victim to spy ware, the price one has to pay for using IE and Microsoft products in general. This week, it’s off to the computer store for a repair. It would seem that, since we are car-less city folk now, that my computer has become the new mechanized piece of shit that requires constant trips to the shop, countless dollars, spikes in blood pressure, temper tantrums, et al. Okay, back to baseball. Due to reasons mentioned above, I failed to remark on the Birds’ sweep of the Houston Astros. Matty Mo pitched a nice five innings. At first, I wondered if he could maybe have gone another inning, but then his pitch count could have gotten a little high. There’s really no reason to put him at risk, especially with a solid lead, since he’ll be need for a long season. When I saw last night’s game with the Brewers was postponed, I was mildly annoyed, remembering fondly the often nonsensical spring weather back home that almost always plays havoc with the first month of the season. I don’t remember too many postponed games at Busch last April, but my memory can hardly be called an asset anymore. Oh well, the Cards now can have a day off at home to rest up; they don’t have another day off until May 16. Looking around the web, I couldn’t find any stats for teams and players in games following a rainout. That seemed really odd, especially in the most meticulously analyzed of all sports, but I probably shouldn’t be wasting a lot of time at my undisclosed location searching for stats. After all, someone else might need to use the computer.
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